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You know talking about money and making financial plans together is important. Here’s how to do it and what to prepare for, so you’re always on the same page when it comes to your goals.

Getting Married

Financial Planning After You Get Engaged

Learning how to manage money as a couple, after you get engaged, is an important skill that will carry you not only through the wedding but through the rest of your lives together.

January 2019
Getting Married

How to Host a Bridal Shower on a Budget

If you're willing to get creative and spend time searching for ideas that work best within your price range, you can host a beautiful bridal shower on a budget.

November 2018
Getting Married

Adjusting Your Wedding Host Budget to Include Out-of-Town Guests

To show your appreciation for those who've made an effort to book a flight, drive hundreds of miles, and take time off from work, here are some steps a wedding host can take to make sure out-of-town visitors enjoy their weekend stay.

August 2018
Getting Married

Financial Advice for Newlyweds: 5 Ways Being Married Saves You Money

Our financial advice for newlyweds includes five surprising ways being married can save you money.

July 2018
Getting Married

5 Money Conversations for Marriage

We will highlight some of the important money based conversations you should have with your partner before getting married.

April 2018
Getting Married

5 Keys to Destination Wedding Budgeting and Planning

How to Budget and Plan for a Destination Wedding - Whatever the reason, if you're planning on having a destination wedding there are a few financial quirks to consider.

March 2018
Separation and Divorce

How to Join Bank Accounts Successfully

Your bank can explain how to join bank accounts, but keeping a joint checking account convenient but not contentious requires some rules between co-owners.

November 2017
Getting Married

What Is the Cost of Changing Your Name?

The cost of changing your name isn't necessarily a consideration until you're knee-deep in paperwork. Here's what you need to know - and set aside.
September 2017
Getting Married

How to Manage Debt as a Couple When Only Your Partner Has Debt

Even if your partner has debt but you don't, you need to consider how to manage debt together.

July 2017
Getting Married

Wedding Planning Tips That Consider Your Guests' Bottom Line

While you may be sweating how you're going to pull off one of the most expensive days of your adult life, it's important to remember that your guests will have expenses, too.

July 2017
Getting Married

A Successful Wedding on a Budget Starts With the Right Checklist

It's easy to get so swept up in the grandeur and thrill of the wedding world that you lose track of what's actually important to you – versus what the wedding industry wants you to feel you need.

June 2017
Getting Married

6 Ways to Have Proper Wedding Etiquette While on a Budget

Here are six ways to have proper wedding etiquette while on a budget.

April 2017

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