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Get tips, ideas and insights for making strides in your new job, while you find help navigating your finances.

Starting a New Job

How to Handle Finances in Between Jobs

If you're in between jobs, you may be feeling unsettled about your career and your finances. Keeping your finances in order will give you the stability and space you need to focus on figuring out your next steps.

November 2019
Starting a New Job

The Cost of Turning a Hobby into a Business

A hobby can be more than just a fun way to spend your free time. If you're looking to earn extra money, consider turning your passion into a business.

November 2019
Starting a New Job

Should I Take a Pay Cut to Reduce Stress?

Leaving your current job in search of a better quality of life may bring you to ask, "Should I take a pay cut?" Here are some factors to take into consideration and questions to ask yourself along the way.

November 2019
Starting a New Job

Smart Financial Moves to Make When Starting a New Job

If you harness your positive feelings about your new job and apply that energy to making some smart choices with your money, you can make strides toward financial wellness.

July 2019
Starting a New Job

The Art of Negotiating Your Salary After Receiving an Offer

The best way to approach salary discussions is to understand how much you're worth in the job market and know what you need from an offer so that it entices you to accept the position.

May 2019
Starting a New Job

Choosing the Best Car for Ride-share Apps

what is the best car for ride-share activities, and how you do you choose one? Here's what you should think about.

January 2019
Starting a New Job

5 Company Benefits to Look For

It's important to find company benefits that meet your needs.

December 2017
Changing Careers

Should I Roll Over My 401(k)?: What to Do With Retirement Account When You Switch Jobs

Should I roll over my 401(k)?" The answer is probably yes. Here's why that's usually the case, along with a full rundown of your four main options.

November 2017
Starting a New Job

The Cost to Rent an Apartment as a New Graduate

What does it cost to rent an apartment? As you decide how much you can spend each month, here are some factors to take into consideration.

June 2017
Starting a New Job

Employer-Offered Health Care Costs: A Breakdown of the Basics

If you have access to health insurance through your employer, it's important to know how to make the most of it so you can control your health care costs.

February 2017

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