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We want each sale to be a good experience for you – and your customers. KeyBank payment solutions works with your small business to create a smooth, positive checkout (point of sale or POS) experience, for both in-person and online purchasers.

KeyBank Merchant Services Client Account Conversion

  • KeyBank Merchant Services (KMS) announced in February 2017 a strategic business decision to change payment processing vendors from Elavon to First Data Corporation.
  • This shift impacts new KMS account sales, as well as, those existing KMS accounts supported by Elavon, must now move to First Data's processing platform.
  • Clients should expect outreach from KMS prior to the start of their conversion 'wave' via a letter and/or a telephone call.
  • Clients will receive free equipment as part of conversion and current pricing will be mapped to their new accounts on First Data.
  • Clients in an 'active' wave of conversion will be able to call into the Conversion Team to expedite the conversion of their account(s). Clients will not be able to convert yet, if they are not within an 'active' conversion wave.
  • Learn more about active conversion waves.

Payments Made Easy with POS Terminals

The more payment types you can accept, the more sales you'll make. Our POS terminals accept magnetic strip and chip credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay®. Because fraud protection is essential, we use a built-in TransArmor® Solution security package to crack down on fraud at your terminal. KeyBank partners with Clover® Security for the latest POS equipment for smooth purchases. Choose from:

  • Clover Mini:
    This compact countertop solution offers swipe, chip and contactless payments, printable receipts, speed and a large display
  • Clover Mobile:
    Because your business doesn’t sit still, Clover Mobile accepts payment on the go. Swipe, chip and contactless (such as via cellphone) payments can happen wherever you're doing business.
  • Clover Go:
    Our contactless reader lets you process secure credit card payments with your own smartphone or tablet and our convenient small device.

Meet Your Business Assistant with Integrated Cash Registers

Clover Station is much more than a cash register. Our counter top station handles fast, secure credit card, chip and Apple Pay® payments, and makes managing your business easier than ever before. Use it to:

  • Accept payments
  • Make payments
  • Run customized reports
  • Manage employee time sheets
  • Print reports and documents

Simplify Online Sales with eCommerce

You need online sales to be successful, but getting set up can seem daunting. KeyBank helps you turn your small business website into a go-to destination for your customers, and a sales generator for your company.

Clover Online Store

Clover Online Store allows you to easily develop an online presence. Use it to:

  • Quickly create a cutting-edge, professional website for your small business
  • Set up an online store to sell your product
  • Accept payment online
  • Make your site responsive to any device your customers use

Payeezy Gateway

Payeezy Gateway is the choice when you need a robust online store with payment options, security features and excellent integration. Use it to:

  • Set up an online store that attracts customers
  • Accept more payment options than with any other provider
  • Rely on data protection that keeps you and your customers safe
  • Offer mobile payment options for the most flexibility

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Flexible Terms to Help You Grow Your Business

Flexible Terms to Help You Grow Your Business

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